Do you want to see more of our beautiful country and have one or more days to spare in your schedule? Either you already have a rough plan or no idea at all we'll make sure that you don't miss the top spots and the best local food joints, and we'll add those special details only locals know. Just share your plans with us and you'll have the time of your live!

Because we know everyone has different tastes we love to get creative and work with our travelers to design tours suited specifically to each schedule, needs and interests, with our one-of-a-kind style.

Our customized UNOFFICIAL AMBASSADORS Portugal private tours are perfect for individuals or groups who want a more intimate trip and to make the most out of the time available. Tell us what you're into and we'll put something special together just for you.



Starting from Lisbon or Porto to any destination in Portugal you can experience the true local perspective with our DIY custom private tours. We can help you to put in action an already existent idea, or come up with a complete plan that fits your interests, schedule and budget. Either you want to see more of the main cities or maybe find that specific place your portuguese grandfather was born, or even visit that monument nobody else notices it. There is no place we cannot go to in 24 hours!


With just a couple of hours or 1 week to spare... come alone, with all your relatives or with those friends that only see each other once a year. Unofficial Ambassadors Portugal private tours can help you to have the best local experience. Lisbon and Porto are our bases but from there we can take you where our imagination, time and budget allows. We can put up day trips to Sintra, Cascais, Ericeira, Setúbal, Évora, Fátima, Óbidos or Nazaré (from Lisbon). From Porto we can show you in just one day Braga, Guimarães, Barcelos, Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro and the Douro Valley.


Everything can be fitted in your schedule and of course, budget. Flexibility and round the clock good vibes are always on the menu, so don't be put off by how overwhelming planning a roadtrip can be. We're your local contact! If you have the will and the time to explore further away from the more touristic routes, we will surprise you with some breathetaking views with almost anyone else around, and try the best food and drinks in the local joints with curious but welcoming eyes looking at you. All this always with a driver/guide that will be as excited as you are for the journey!


Please fill out the form with the name dates and the tour you want to do.
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The Unnoficial Ambassadors Portugal Private Tours can be 100% customized by you and those can be as short as an airport transfer, or as long as the entire duration of your stay in our country. For the ones that have less time available and just want to cover the main sites in and around the cities of Lisbon and Porto, we have a selection of daytrips to popular sites like Sintra, Cascais, Fátima, Nazaré or Óbidos (from Lisbon), or Braga, Guimarães and Douro Valley (from Porto) with hassle-free prices and conditions.

From Lisbon
Daytrip Lisbon city - 6/7 hours hours (half day trip available):

Up to 2pax - 150€
Up to 4pax - 225€
From 5 to 8pax - 300€

Daytrip to Sintra, Cabo da Roca and Cascais - 8 hours (half day trip available):

Up to 2pax - 200€
Up to 4pax - 250€
From 5 to 8pax - 350€

Daytrip to Fátima, Nazaré and Óbidos - 8/9 hours:

Up to 2pax - 250€
Up to 4pax - 300€
From 5 to 8pax - 400€

From Porto
Daytrip to Douro Valley - 8/9 hours hours:

1/2pax - 250€
3/4pax - 300€
5/6pax - 350€
7/8pax - 400€

Daytrip to Guimarães and Braga - 7/8 hours:

1/2pax - 200€
3/4pax - 250€
5/6 pax - 300€
7/8pax - 350€

Daytrip to Aveiro and Águeda - 7/8 hours:

1/2pax - 200€
3/4pax - 250€
5/6 pax - 300€
7/8pax - 350€

Prices are total and not per person

- Pick up and drop off in your accommodation;
- Comfortable vehicle most suited to the number of travelers, and local driver/guide;
- Up to 8 seats in the van (you can bring everyone you want, perfect for family or friends). For groups larger than 8 please send us email to confirm availability and prices;
- Our honest diplomatic knowledge about our country, both the good and the bad. Flexibility and round the clock good vibes are also included;

Not included:
- Main meals and entrances in monuments (unless agreed otherwise);



I'm what you can call a travelholic, someone addicted to enjoy the best of this beautiful country, and the world, has to offer. Driving is in my DNA, and smilling is almost uncounscious. I may talk non-stop but always to say something interesting, and to tell that story that you'll share with your family and friends. I'm ready to share some of your memories.

I'm Marta David and a very young looking 37 years old woman. Some of my friends call me David (yes, like in the army!) because there seems to be too many Marta's around here... others call me Martinha (portuguese like to add inha or inho - feminin or masculin - to the names of anything to make it sound more fluffy and sweet... even bread or wine!

Travelling has been my life goal for some years now, and i'm not thinking of stopping any time soon. Showing you my city of Lisbon, and the rest of the country, is not just my profession... it's a pleasure. Researching about new places, adding more restaurants and special monuments to my Google Maps list is a daily routine. I like that everyone around me seems to think i don't really work... but the truth is that when you love what you do it will never feel like a job.


A lover of tradicional food and good wines, Nelson is our best unofficial Ambassador in the north of Portugal. A renewable energy Engineer and ex-professional rally Driver, you will be in good hands when exploring the beautiful country side and the winding roads of Douro Valley where Porto wine comes from. Excited with Portuguese History and culture, Nelson is always ready to share with you fantastic stories about why things are the way they are. We love to listen to him and so will you. ;)


With João it will be impossible for you to eat a bad meal or drink a not so good wine. The reason is because he knows the region like no one else, and more important than that, it´s people. Born in Lisbon, but raised by the beautiful landscape of Alentejo, due to family business, it was after his education in Switzerland and travelling the world, that Évora was the city he decided to live with his family. With him, you will have the best experiences this region has to offer.


Living half of the year travelling abroad, Bruno, likes to call himself a pirate. But a good one, and normally he always blames his parents for that, because they raise him saying "travelling was better than any degree, school could give". A lover of knowledge and people, he is always ready to go, and loose himself exploring new things while making new friends. Something that he loves to do often, in his own neighbourhood, city, region and country. With him you are never lost.​ ​